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tattoos don't have to be forever.

You may have been thinking about doing this for a long time.

How would you like to feel confident again, instead of feeling like covering up?

Our laser is the Gold Standard for tattoo removal, and is proven to get results.

It works on both black ink and color.

removing your tattoo

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1. consult

At our Naperville spa, you will meet Lisa, owner and tattoo removal laser technician.  She will examine your tattoo and assess how many treatments you might need.

Afterward, you will meet with our physician, Dr Cristina Dunlop. She will do a medical history to make sure the laser is safe for you, and coordinate a treatment plan. 

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2. treatment

Because the laser heats up the ink and does sting, we apply a topical numbing cream to ease any discomfort. 

Our laser is designed to treat the areas very quickly, and most treatments only take a few minutes. Your laser tech will cover the area with a bandage to keep it clean and protected.

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3. healing

This is where the magic happens.

After your treatment, your tattoo will start to fade as part of your body’s natural healing process. Red colors and shaded areas will fade first. If your ink is deep and dark, it may take a few sessions to start seeing big changes.

Taking care of your health is important for results, because your body’s own immune system lightens the tattoo over time.

top 3 reasons for tattoo removal

it's a name.

So many of us have been there. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Make room in your life for something new.

the artwork isn't that good.

Sometimes tattoos fade, and don’t look the same over time. Or maybe the concept just wasn’t what you wanted. Removing these so-so tattoos makes space for better artwork.

your style changes.

Everyone grows and changes, and you want to reflect your values, your new self, and new life. Sometimes you become more discerning about who knows your business, and you want to choose who to tell your personal story.

naperville tattoo removal client with aloha flower

what is tattoo removal like?

video of tattoo removal in naperville

Check out our first video! Our client has a small tattoo on her lower back. It has very dense black ink, and this is her first treatment. Professional tattoos often have a dense layer of ink and may require several treatments to completely clear. As you already know, it’s not painless, but it goes by fast and she returned to work right after the session with no pain. We are looking forward to posting follow-up photos and videos as the ink fades.

video taken May 24th 2017 at Aloha Waxing and Laser In Naperville, IL 

Remove tattoo laser
Left Photo Taken before 1 tattoo treatment May 3rd 2017. Right Photo taken 6 weeks later, June 13th 2017. Results after only one treatment.

“I can’t believe how much it’s faded in only six weeks. I can’t wait to get another treatment!”

-aloha client, June 14th. 6 weeks after her first tattoo treament for a 2.5 inch diameter black tattoo on upper back

Keep an eye on her progress this summer! More posts to come.

how many treatments will I need?

That depends on what kind of ink you have, and how deep the pigment goes. Between 3-10 treatments is the average. Some blue/green inks may require more treatments. Professional tattoos done with good inks are designed to be long lasting. Amateur tattoos can often be cleared in 3 sessions. We often start to see significant fading of black, red, or purple inks between 1-3 sessions. We do not sell packages, as your tattoo will become smaller over time and the price will go down. Our convenient Naperville location makes it easy to schedule your appointment. Small tattoos start at 89.

I’m ready for my free consultation! 

naperville tattoo removal client with aloha flower

Facetime or Skype consultations are also available.