How many treatments will I need?

Most people are happy with the reduction they get from 6-8 treatments. Our goal is to reduce the hair by 70-90% in 6-8 treatments. Some areas respond better to the laser, like legs, bikini, and underarms. These areas have very thick, usually dark hair. The lighter and finer your hair, the less effective your treatment. For example, if you have fine, blonde hair on your arms, we would not recommend the treatment because it may not be very effective. The laser does not work at all on white hair. But if you have coarse dark hair on your legs, bikini, underarms, face, or back, we are very confident you will see a permanent change, usually 70-90% after 6-8 treatments.


How often do I need to come in?

Most people come in every 6-8 weeks for a treatment. Hair grows slower on the upper legs and back, so we recommend closer to 8 weeks for those areas. Hair grows very fast in the underarms and face, and we can do an effective treatment after about 6 weeks. 


What happens if I have to skip a treatment?

Whether you do your treatments 8 weeks apart, or 3 months apart, you will still get the same benefit from the laser each time. You will not “mess up” your laser treatments if you skip a few months because you are out of the country, away at school, or if you take a break for the summer because of sun exposure. You can start right back where you left off and we will be here to make sure you continue to get excellent results.


Can I do treatments closer together for faster results?

You can get your treatments closer together, at 4 weeks apart, but your treatments will be slightly less effective than if you wait 6 weeks. With facial hair, sometimes it can be difficult to wait and you can do your treatment after 4 weeks. We do not recommend treatments with fewer than 4 weeks between sessions.

Do I have to do 6 in order to see results?

You will usually see results right away. Your hair will begin to grow back thinner and more sparse. Most people notice in the first month. You do not have to complete 6 treatments to see a permanent benefit. You will get the benefit of hair reduction with each treatment, a little bit at a time. By the time you see 6 or 8 treatments, most people see a 70-90% reduction.


How long does it take to do the treatment?

It depends on the area, the face usually takes about 10 minutes, the legs can take about an hour, and the full body will take at least two hours.


How much does it hurt? I’m worried about the pain.

Most of us have heard horror stories about how painful laser hair removal is. This is probably because the lasers before 2010 were much more painful than the new technology. Many laser clinics still use those old lasers and they are more painful. We often had to use ice packs to numb the area before the treatment, or use a topical medication to numb the area. The old lasers also took a long time to treat the area, so not only was it more painful, but it took twice as long! Some people even went to the dentist before their treatments to get a numbing shot before they got their laser or electrolysis treatments. This is not necessary.

Our Candela GentleMax Pro has the word “gentle” in the name. That’s because it has a patented cooling spray that keeps your skin from getting too hot. It makes the process a lot easier than it used to be, and a lot faster. By keeping the skin cool, we can also use a higher level of energy than the old lasers, because the skin cooled so quickly, that the risk of burning the skin is very low.

So, if your friend had a painful experience, it’s possible it was because it was an older or different model than we have. If you are very worried about the pain, we suggest you come in for a free test patch before you decide. There’s no reason for you to continue shaving or using a hair removal method that doesn’t work for you because the old lasers gave it a bad rap. It does cause a stinging sensation and is not painless, but if you ask our clients they will tell you it’s not that bad and it’s totally worth the results they get.


Is it permanent? I heard that the hair comes back after a couple of years. Will I have to do laser treatments again?

It is a permanent reduction in hair. That means that it permanently reduces your hair, a little bit each time, until you are happy with your results. You may need some touch ups over time if you see some hair coming back, but the hair should not come back like it was before, and you should not require another entire series of sessions.

If you are a young person, all of your hair may not have completely grown in yet. Most of us have experienced that we get more hair as we age. For women, it is usually the facial hair that grows in more over time, and for men, their back hair can start in the 20s, and continues to accumulate until their mid 40s. So when thinking about the permanence of laser hair removal, we have to take into account the natural increase of hair with age. We can significantly reduce the hair that you have, and if some of your hair comes back as a natural process, such as on the face or the back, we can do touch up treatments as-needed to keep the hair away over time.

The laser permanently reduces the hair that you already have, usually by 70-90% in 6-8 treatments. But it cannot prevent the hair that comes with the natural aging process or hormonal activity.


Are there some people that the laser doesn’t work on?

A small percentage of our clients do need ongoing maintenance for their hair. This means they come back 2-4 times per year to maintain their hair removal indefinitely. This is almost always for Persistent Facial Hair, on the chin in particular. Occasionally, the hair on the face is very persistent. After 6 times, your treatments are 50% off, and this makes the maintenance easier if you have Persistent Facial Hair. Many of our clients who have laser treatments on the face also get treatments elsewhere, (underarms and bikini for example,) and have permanent results in those areas. But for reasons we don’t understand, the face can have persistent hair, and the discount helps if maintenance is necessary. We want to be honest about this, and we still think laser hair removal is the best choice for Persistent Facial Hair, even with the ongoing maintenance. It can be disappointing to find that your hair is persistent, but the other methods hair removal not a good choice for thick, dark facial hair. Tweezing, waxing, and threading can cause ingrown hairs that are damaging to the skin, they look like acne bumps, and can cause long lasting discoloration and scarring. We believe that laser is the most gentle way of keeping persistent facial hair away, and at the discounted price point, we hope that we can make it manageable over time.


Do I have to grow it out?

Good news! With Laser, you can shave! You will need to shave the area the day of or the day before your laser treatment so the hair on the surface doesn’t block the laser light from getting down to the root. It also minimizes discomfort during your treatment, because the hair tends to absorb more heat from the laser.


Are your prices per session? Do you sell packages?

All our prices listed are per-session. This means you pay as you go, and you only pay for what you need. If you become pregnant, move out of state, or for any reason you don’t want to continue, you are not locked into a package or a contract. If you need more than 6 treatments, your treatments will be 50% off the list price until you get the results that you want.


Do you have any deals right now?

At Aloha, we strive to make our prices competitive every day and do not participate in large scale discount offers. If we run a promotion it will be listed on the website for everyone to access.


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Once you are ready to book your laser appointment we will schedule you for a Medical Consultation for laser hair removal. To ensure the laser is safe for you, you will meet with our Medical Director. She will ask you some questions about your medical history and any medications you might be on to make sure that the laser is safe for you. She will then discuss a treatment plan with your laser technician and you can begin. Even if you have had laser in the past, every practice is different and we will still need to do a brief medical consult. This is also in accordance with Illinois state laws.


What is your Cancellation Policy?

Times are changing and people feel more busy and over-scheduled than ever. Sometimes things come up and an appointment is missed, but repeated no-shows and last-minute cancellations have resulted in significant loss for the company and its employees. For this reason we now require a credit card number to book appointments online and over the phone.

24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment.
If cancellation is in less than 24 hours, a 50% charge will be charged to the credit card.
No shows, and less than 4 hours notice will be charged the full amount.

Aloha Waxing and Laser has 24 hour voicemail and if you call at any time of the day or night you will be able to either speak to a person or leave a voicemail. Do not text back the automated confirmation text messages, we do not receive them.

Our system sends an email with the appointment time, and a text message confirmation 48 hours before the appointment. We never want to charge you for a service you don’t receive, and we make every effort to confirm with you.

All of our clients are amazing, busy, hard-working people. Many are caring for children and parents, as well as working and volunteering in the community. Sometimes taking care of our own needs ends up being the last priority. You are important too. We’re here to help you take care of yourself, and that’s worth carving out the time for.

At Aloha Waxing and Laser, our goal is to give you more time for yourself so you spend less time thinking about your hair.

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